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8 August 2011

A lingering doubt persists among the lenders, when it comes to releasing funds to those on benefits. Applicants who are on benefits are not in a position to generate income on their own. The lenders in turn do not want to risk their money. Even then, it does mean that these applicants cannot acquire funds. In this context the applicants can make use of the provision of Dss loans.

It can be said that these loans are designed such that it caters to the needs of those on benefits. The applicants are never required to pledge any collateral, which makes it easy for them to source the funds. In addition to these, the lenders while releasing the funds do not tend to check the credit profile. It is the no credit check approval, which then paves the way for those having serious credit defaults to attain the funds.

Prior to the sanctioning of the loan amount, the lenders do look in to certain requirements, which the applicant must comply with. The requirements are in fact listed below:-

  1. Should be a resident of UK
  2. Age should be more than 18 years
  3. A bank account with a minimum deposit of £500
  4. Need to be on benefit for the past 6 months

It is by meeting these essential criteria, which then paves the way for applicants on benefits to acquire the funds.

On qualifying for these loans, the applicant do gets to source funds anywhere in the range of £50-£1000. The repayment tenure is very much flexible, which then lets the applicants to pay back the funds sourced, with considerable ease. In addition to these, the interest rate charged too is very much affordable.

In an attempt to let the applicants source the funds in a convenient manner, the applicant does release the funds, without much of any constraint. There is no extra paperwork and the amount is in fact processed for free.

By availing the loans on benefits, the applicants on benefits have a chance to retain their financial freedom.


Dss loans are short term unsecured loans. With the assistance of these loans, the applicants do have a chance to fulfill their needs and demands. The terms and conditions of the loans too are very much flexible. For immediate approval of the loans, without much of any constraint, the applicant can best make use of the online mode.

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