Privacy Policy

Maintaining the privacy of borrowers’ personal documents is a prime concern at Loans On Benefits. Here, we have given brief details of our privacy policies. Individuals are requested to go through this page and be assured about the confidentiality of their personal data.

Loans On Benefits requests all its customers to choose their respective passwords carefully and tactfully. Remember, our password facility intends to protect all you personal details including your email ids, names, addresses, social security numbers and so on. So, you must choose it with proper care and should not share it with others.

Anytime anyone can visit the site Loans On Benefits and for that, they do not need to provide any personal information. Visitors of our site are privileged to visit the site without giving any detail about them. Even more, Loans On Benefits does not collect any detail about the visitors without their knowledge.

Loans On Benefits does not sell or disclose the applicants’ documents to any third party. Sometime, we may share these details with various lenders in order to arrange a better deal for all borrowers. Even more, if it is required, we can share the information with a legal entity as well.

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