Special loans for people on benefit

09 Feb 2010

The tight financial situations sometimes force you so much that you are compelled to think about a source of funds in spite of earning for your living through DSS benefits. It is true that the people on DSS benefits enjoy financial assistance by the government but still, you never know when there will be an emergency for you. You may all of a sudden have to pay your child's examination fees, may have to pay your electricity bills or that of your car repairing bill. That is why; the loans for people on DSS are being implemented and are made easily available in the loan market.  

The procedure of applying in the loans on benefits use to be very simple and the criteria asked to be fulfilled too are quite easy to be met by one. These criteria include:

  1. Being a citizen of the United Kingdom
  2. Living on DSS benefits from last 8 months
  3. Having a bank account and
  4. A saving of at least £800 in the bank account

Once you meet these grounds, you are free to apply and gain money in the loans for people on DSS. Your poor credit records too will even be overlooked in it. So, a few of such allowed bad credit records include late payment, arrears, defaults, skipping of instalments, IVA or County Court Judgements.   

If you are not capable of moving out of your home in order to apply for the loans on benefits then also you can easily apply for these as the online loan procedure will help you out in that. For that you will simply have to fill up a free of cost online form and then submit it on the reception of which the lender will approve your loan amount. 
The offered amount in these loans vary from £100 to £1500 and for repaying it a term of 14 to 31 days will be provided to you. If you can pay the loan off within that duration then that is good for you, or else, you will be charged with an extra monetary fine. 


The loans for people on DSS are for all those borrowers who live their life on the benefit of the government.

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