Would uplift them from the state of disability

9 Mar 2011

The term “DSS” indicates department of social security. Many people in UK rely on the benefits offered by this particular department owing to some disabilities like mental, physical or state of unemployment. It is quite true that any lenders would not money if you are unemployed or disabled due to some other reasons. Moreover, you need to manage a life with the extra cash. You would not have sufficient cash to tackle the uneven expenses like groceries, payment of bills like electricity, water, gas, payment of house rent, etc. If the sufficient cash balance is not left in your bank account, how would you counter the sudden expenses for uncertain medical aid, unplanned visits, car repairs, etc? You need not worry as there are options in the loan market which would help you to uplift your financial standards.

If you have a computer with an internet connection at home or at office, you need to get in touch with the lenders who would help you to get loans for people on DSS on competitive rates. You would be able to qualify on the condition that you have crossed 6 months availing the benefits offered by people on DSS. The loan amount would range between £30 and £1000 with a moderate rate of interest. The repayment period would depend upon your repayment ability. It means that you would not be pressurised to pay back until and unless you have sufficient cash. However, if you are absolutely incompetent or incapable to pay, the loan facilitator would take away any property from in exchange of the loan amount.

If you register online with Loans on Benefits for these loans, you need to fill up the basic details which are as follows:

  1. You need to be citizen of UK.
  2. You need to have a bank account details which should not be more than 3 months old with a minimum amount of £500.

The loan amount would be transferred to the bank account within a day’s time. It would be possible when you would submit the online application form free of cost. It would go to the lender’s site for verification and approval.


If you are surviving on benefits offered by department of social security and you do not have any other source of income to counter the expenses, you need to apply for loans for people on DSS. Depending on your repayment capacity, you would be offered this loan scheme in either of the two ways: a) Secured b) Unsecured. Applying online would be free of cost and it would save your time and energy.

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